Raven Disenrolls Coyote

Circus Smirkus 2010

The saga continues:

Coyote was strolling manfully around the casino. Mrs. Badger was lounging in bed, thinking. She picked up the phone and called Raven.

“Hi, Hon,” she sang when Raven answered. They had, at one time, been close.

“How’s life at the casino?” asked Raven.

“Not bad,” Mrs. Badger replied. “Foods good. So are the floor shows. I’m getting tired of Coyote, though. He’s full of himself, and frankly, after all the stories I’ve heard, I’m less than happy with how well he is endowed.”

“Yah, I admit there are design flaws,” acknowledge Raven. “He was a prototype. Anyway. what can I do for you?”

“I was thinking,” said Mrs. Raven. “Maybe it’s time for Coyote to move on.”

“What’s in it for me?” asked Raven directly. Mrs. Badger described the benefits in some detail.

“Hummm,” thought Raven. “Maybe your right.”

“He is the chief, though,” encouraged Ms. Raven.

“No problem!” replied Raven. “We’ll hold a new election.”

“There are a lot of people in Coyote’s clan,” Mrs. Badger reminded Raven.

“I’ll insist that only people with a birth certificate can vote. That’ll shrink the field.”

“But none of us have a birth certificates,” Mrs. Badger mused.

“No problem!” replied Raven, hopping up and down on one foot. “Given I was the only one at the creation, I can decide who gets a birth certificate.”

And so it happened, that a few days later, Raven found himself enjoying breakfast in bed with Mrs. Badger, and Old Man Coyote found himself sitting out on the curb in front of the casino. Later in the day, visitors to the casino were treated to a brief brawl between Coyote and a very anger Badger.

To read more about the issue of disenrollment, visit michaelwatsonvt.com, or see Original Pechanga’s Blog.

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