Dreaming Into a New Home

Well June has begun much like May ended: wet and cool. We had a thundershower overnight and more rain is forecast for this afternoon. The mosquitoes have joined the flowering plants in an orgy of proliferation, so that a trip outdoors to view the beauty, or to work in the garden, has a very real … Continue reading Dreaming Into a New Home

The Rising Waters of Rebirth

The warmth of the weekend has given way to a definite chill. After a couple of days of rain and snow melt the rivers and lake are in flood. What, a few days ago, were fields, are now covered by water and for the second time in a decade we face potentially record lake flooding. … Continue reading The Rising Waters of Rebirth

Building Bridges

It's mid-afternoon and the day's brilliant sunlight has disappeared behind thickening cloud. Still, the day is warm, if a tad breezy, and the morning was rich with bird sound, a true harbinger of spring. Last week Jennie and I learned we each had workshop proposals accepted for the Building Bridges conference in the UK this … Continue reading Building Bridges