It’s Not Personal

A cloudy, dampish, cool morning following a perfect spring day. Last evening was cool and clouds were settling in but we grabbed a pizza and had dinner in the van by the marsh. It was capital! I've been thinking about my experiences with the spirits over my lifetime. As much as I do struggle with … Continue reading It’s Not Personal

Settler Colonial Dreams

A rainy night and an unseasonably cool morning. The world is emerald green and mud luscious and out on the marsh the herons are dancing their entrancing mating flights. The news this morning is that the Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe Vs, Wade. This is likely to further polarize our country, much to … Continue reading Settler Colonial Dreams

Saturday nights border town blues

I’ve been settling in to being retired. Mostly that has meant playing with a modular synthesizer, taking a few photos, and trying not to spend ALL of my time before a computer. I’m also thinking a lot these days about growing up on an Air Force base during the nuclear laden cold war – especially the Cuban Missile Crisis. It sure is uncomfortable to be back to those days, eh? Anyway, here is a very timely read from Indigenista I want to share..

indigenista love diaries

thinking about my day and wondering how liberating does it really feel?

im writing in blocks right now and writing blocks are a lot like constipation.

i am also still processing the passing of some great women who taught me much about myself especially while it is still Womens Herstory Month.

these women were essentially my aunties and didn’t even know it. i lamented on never getting to submit to them my manuscript.

idk if y’all can understand, but something deep inside was born because of these women. it bothers me that i won’t ever be able to thank them in this world and know it would have been such an honor.

i felt like aunty bell hooks wrote about me when i learned of her patriarchal family influences. i know now that she knew all too well what it felt like to live in a predominately patriarchal family.


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