It’s April!

This morning is cold, with bright sunshine and a frigid north wind .Flowering plants abound, as do newly sprouted leaves, and fill the world with color. Spring is late, following an almost non-existent winter, continuing the accelerating changes to regional and global weather patterns. Plants and animals are generally very slow to adapt to predictable … Continue reading It’s April!

The Extractive Ideology of Settler-Colonialism

A chilly, damp morning. Crocuses are up in a few yards and a snowstorm may arrive Monday night. I'm in and out of the art studio and my sound and photo space, and continue to spend too much time sitting before a computer. This is at least partially due to my enrolling in the second … Continue reading The Extractive Ideology of Settler-Colonialism

The Settler Colonialism of Climate Change

Today is a beautiful late March day in mid-February, with wide blue skies and temperatures, as they have much of the winter, running over 12 degrees above normal. We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to a favorite informal restaurant by the water for lunch. We had dinner the other day with a much loved and … Continue reading The Settler Colonialism of Climate Change

The Fate of Horses

A cloudy, chill day; the rain has stopped for the moment. We may have snow later but it will likely not stick. Last Tuesday I awoke to a brilliant reddish sky; sure enough the old mariner's saying proved correct and by evening we were in the midst of a storm. Hopefully all this rain will … Continue reading The Fate of Horses