Raven Savors the Quotidian

Raven thoughtfully chewed on a word. "Quotidian....." "Hummm, the everyday; good word, tasty word."  She dried her hands on a dish cloth, then tidily placed the freezer bags of carefully prepared roadside carrion onto a shelf in the freezer. Inspecting her work, she felt a moment of something approaching glee. Her family would not go … Continue reading Raven Savors the Quotidian

Ceremony and the Raven

This morning we put aside our frustration and despair and spoke with the land and spirits. The mosquitoes, which had been fierce, quieted their attack, and even the birds calling stopped to listen. We like to open the altar outside whenever the weather allows, but of late have not had the heart to do so. … Continue reading Ceremony and the Raven