Raven Savors the Quotidian


Raven thoughtfully chewed on a word. “Quotidian…..” “Hummm, the everyday; good word, tasty word.”  She dried her hands on a dish cloth, then tidily placed the freezer bags of carefully prepared roadside carrion onto a shelf in the freezer. Inspecting her work, she felt a moment of something approaching glee. Her family would not go hungry this winter. “Odd,” she though, “It’s been nearly 200  years since that terrible long walk and she still worried about being hungry.

Raven was dubious of much modern civilization but she had to admit that cars and freezers had made her life much easier. Road kill was a godsend, delicious if you got to it in time, and much less work than hunting and gathering used to be. The freezers held enough meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables to feed her brood and neighbors to boot. Continue reading

Ceremony and the Raven

Evening, Lake ChamplainThis morning we put aside our frustration and despair and spoke with the land and spirits. The mosquitoes, which had been fierce, quieted their attack, and even the birds calling stopped to listen. We like to open the altar outside whenever the weather allows, but of late have not had the heart to do so. The last time we opened the altar was the only time all summer we have heard the calls of the Hermit Thrush.

We awoke feeling sad and angry. The news on the racial, social, and climate fronts has been heartbreaking. We’ve been feeling overwhelmed, unable to see how we might contribute significantly to much-needed change. We’ve also been asked to aid others who are thinking they should do more than they possibly can. We remind others to do only what they are able. As we do so we remind our many selves to do the same, even as some selves feel frightened and desperate for change. Continue reading

Crow and Raven Await the End of the World

Moon and CrowsOld Man Crow sat on the ledge overlooking the city. High overhead the moon sang her melodies in the winter sky. Below, the two-leggeds rumbled and huffed.

Old Woman Raven took all this in from Her perch in an old crag well up the mountainside.

Old Woman Raven spread her wings and glided down, swooping to a landing by Old Man Crow’s side.

“Evening Crow.”

“Evening Raven.” Crow drew a morsel from his knapsack and offered it to Raven. He then chose one for himself. Together they sat and munched for a long time, listening to the goings on below, and to the bluesy tunes of the moon. Continue reading

The Raven, The Coyote, and The Very Hot Day

Summer EveningThe Coyote and The Raven were talking. They like each other’s company, even though sometimes they compete a little.

The Raven mopped the sweat from his face with a bandana. The bandana was soon wet through and useless.

“Sure is hot,” said The Coyote. “All this fur was fine when the weather was colder. Now it’s a nuisance.” Continue reading