December Snow

A snowy day. Earlier the snow had essentially stopped and the sun had come out. Now the clouds have lowered and we are receiving intermittent bursts of moderate snow. The feeders are covered in birds. Here on the South Coast cold, snowy days are usually followed by thaws, so the snow cannot be expected to … Continue reading December Snow

Reading “Late Night on Air”

Last night our neighborhood held our annual street party. The evening was bright and clear, with a breeze out of the north. The temperature was in the upper 50's F, and some folks were wearing fall jackets and gloves. The cool was seasonable but shocking, as just Wednesday we had broken yet another all time … Continue reading Reading “Late Night on Air”

The Human Nature of Cape Cod

Returning home from World War Two, John Hay found himself washed ashore on Cape Cod. He went to work for the local newspaper, wandered the tidal flats, dunes, and forests of the Cape, and wrote. As he did so, he slowly became connected to other creatures, the great weathers, and the natural world. He often … Continue reading The Human Nature of Cape Cod

Dreaming the Inclusive City

Jennie was up early, watering the garden and brewing our morning tea. (The lettuce and spinach are up!) As has been my want of late, I awoke with the birds then went back to sleep. Over the past couple of days the trees have completely leafed out, turning the forest into a seemingly impenetrable wall … Continue reading Dreaming the Inclusive City