This Is How It Is For Me

The day began, as many have of late, in deep fog. Now there is ample sun and warmth, the light literally bouncing off the leaves. The summer solstice occurred Saturday late afternoon in the Northern Hemisphere. We gathered with friends virtually last evening to share ceremony and conversation. Grief was present as we struggled to … Continue reading This Is How It Is For Me

Passing Is Expensive!

Today is one of those glorious, crystalline late winter days, cold with bright sun, sparkling snow, and long deep shadows that change direction with the sun throughout the day. As it is winter, I am reading a good bit. I recently read a long essay about FDR (President Roosevelt), Polio, and the cultural demand that … Continue reading Passing Is Expensive!

Embodying Story: Part Two

Sometime in my thirties I became part of a very active Playback Theatre troupe. Playback is an improvisational form in which individuals from the audience tell personal stories and the actors on stage seek to faithfully play the story back to the teller. Doing Playback well is a remarkably challenging practice, one filled with opportunities … Continue reading Embodying Story: Part Two

Marathon Sunday

Today is the last Sunday of May and, thus Marathon Sunday here in Burlington; today's run, a yearly ritual, marks the transition to summer. It is a lovely early summer day, a high, cloud-flecked sky dominating the horizon. Such days are welcome now, after weeks of rain, especially as the week ahead looks to be … Continue reading Marathon Sunday