Building Bridges

It's mid-afternoon and the day's brilliant sunlight has disappeared behind thickening cloud. Still, the day is warm, if a tad breezy, and the morning was rich with bird sound, a true harbinger of spring. Last week Jennie and I learned we each had workshop proposals accepted for the Building Bridges conference in the UK this … Continue reading Building Bridges

Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Much of our snow pack has melted, the days have lengthened considerably, and the outside world shows signs of awakening to spring. In the sugar bush, the maple sap has been running intermittently and here and there farmers have begun to boil. A couple of … Continue reading Rising UP: Where Disability and Colonialism Meet

Kindness as Resistance

A showery sort of day, much like yesterday, cool for June. The forecast for next week is for much above average temperatures and there is a good chance that by next weekend we will add to our rapidly growing list of record high temperatures. For now, the world is cast in a multitude of greens, … Continue reading Kindness as Resistance