Coyote Disenrolls Badger

Circus Smirkus 2010Coyote and Badger sat at a table in the Casino cafe, watching herds of European Americans and a few others spending their hard-earned dollars on a faint and distant hope.

“Somehow this is familiar,” said Badger. “I think maybe these people should go back home and open casinos. Maybe it’ll help their communities.”

Coyote was not really listening. He was watching a pile of dollars grow in his mind’s eye. He was also watching Badger’s wife. “Mum,” he thought. “I could have that for myself.” He was thinking of the money and the wife.

“I’ve been thinking,” said Coyote. “I’ve been real generous with you, sharing the profits from the casino and all. Why, you’ve lived really well for years. But, being the chief, I think it’s time you went on your way.”

“What on Earth do you mean!?” asked a shocked Badger.

“Look, you came around just a few years ago. You’re not really one of the people. You’ve been a good friend, but now it’s best if you were on your way.”

“What are you talking about?” asked an incredulous Badger. “Don’t you remember that day the Horse Soldiers came and drove us from our homes in North Carolina? Why you were there when they shot Ms. Possum cause she refused to leave her home. The corn was just ready for harvest. The fog hung low in the valley and the trees had turned Autumn red and orange. I remember looking back and seeing some white family moving into our house. Why breakfast must still have been warm and sitting on the table.”

“You’re confused, Badger,” replied Coyote. “You’ve heard so many of our stories you think you were there.”

“But I was there!” exclaimed Badger.

“Look, here’s a bit of cash. Come by for coffee sometime,” offered Coyote.

Coyote waved an arm in the general direction of a couple of security officers, who came scuttling over. Before he could clear his head, Badger was sitting on the curb outside the casino.

Coyote sauntered over to Badger’s wife. “Where’s Old Man Badger,” she asked, giving Coyote the look.

“He’s decided to travel on,” replied Coyote.  He held up a few large note bills for Mrs. Badger to see, smiled, and putting his arm around her waist, headed for the Boardroom.

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