Upcoming: Monreal, India, and Hong Kong!

Waterfall,_Hong_KongNext month Jennie and I will be at the International Playback Conference in Montreal. We’ll be presenting a workshop exploring invisible differences and disabling experience. This is an important conversation in the theatre world at the moment, as is the larger issue of accessibility. We will be inviting participants to think about diversity, and some of the ways “business as usual” can be disabling to “persons of difference”. The workshop will focus on being aware that differences can be visible or invisible, and the importance of making a real effort to know who is in the room. Continue reading

Teaching Clinical Skills In a Troubled World

Another face of Hong KongWhen I travel to teach, I do so in hopes that my presence will be a catalyst for change in the communities I visit. I know I am in any community for a brief time, just long enough to share some ideas and tools, and learn a little about the people and place. Sometimes all I can do is listen and support, and that has to be enough. Continue reading

“Re-Storying Disability” Workshop, Hong Kong

Shadow Puppetry We have been teaching in Hong Kong at the invitation of the Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Jennie and I both taught workshops under the “Training the Trainers” program. We each taught five days, on an alternating schedule. Given we mostly attended each others’ workshops, this meant we taught ten out of eleven days. This translated into four full days and six evenings, 7-10. Continue reading

Troubling Trends in Narrative Therapy

Hong Kong from Chi Lin NunneryWorking here, in Hong Kong, has me thinking about Narrative Therapy as it is viewed and practiced in North America. It seems to me that Narrative Therapy is  becoming institutionalize, particularly in the U.S.. Perhaps the fate of Just Therapy in the U.S. is even more disturbing. While there are a growing number of Narrative Therapy texts, each seemingly determined to remove all traces of social engagement from Narrative Therapy, I could find only two books about Just Therapy on Amazon, and none in our mulch-million volume university library. Continue reading