Upcoming: Monreal, India, and Hong Kong!

Waterfall,_Hong_KongNext month Jennie and I will be at the International Playback Conference in Montreal. We’ll be presenting a workshop exploring invisible differences and disabling experience. This is an important conversation in the theatre world at the moment, as is the larger issue of accessibility. We will be inviting participants to think about diversity, and some of the ways “business as usual” can be disabling to “persons of difference”. The workshop will focus on being aware that differences can be visible or invisible, and the importance of making a real effort to know who is in the room. Continue reading

Walking Together

Spring-GreenThis morning is showery and cool. The world has turned a brilliant green, even the light is saturated with the color. The garden seems thrilled with the rain, plants sprouting and growing rapidly. I am grateful for spring and my life.

For some time now I’ve been thinking and writing about the crisis of spirit confronting humankind. This crisis touches every aspect of our lives, and is reflected in our collective choices regarding personhood, ecology, spirituality, and ethics. As daunting as we westerners find the task of addressing climate change, we acknowledge that for densely populated countries like India, the effects of climate change are both immediate and potentially catastrophic, even in the near term. Still, good people of many traditions and countries continue to wrestle with these enormous issues.Wednesday evening’s soiree at our home brought together mental health clinicians, artists, and Medicine people, all engaged in, and committed to, healing and social change. This seemed fitting given the lives of our honored guests. Continue reading

Change and Continuity

Flowering!The world is flowering and so are my allergies. This year allergy meds don’t seem to be helping all that much.

I was optimistic and put on short sleeves this morning. I may have to change into long sleeves before I leave for work. We’ve had one very brief visit from the Thunder Beings so far this spring. Hopefully that will change over the next few days and they will return in all their finery, introducing change and transformation.

We humans are complex systems, always evolving into new forms. Our cultures are also alive, constantly in the process of becoming, even as they remain constant. Yet, how often we expect things, persons, and cultures to remain unchanged, to be static. Continue reading

Teaching Clinical Skills In a Troubled World

Another face of Hong KongWhen I travel to teach, I do so in hopes that my presence will be a catalyst for change in the communities I visit. I know I am in any community for a brief time, just long enough to share some ideas and tools, and learn a little about the people and place. Sometimes all I can do is listen and support, and that has to be enough. Continue reading