Erasing the Other While Theorizing Narrative Therapy

It’s been a wet, chilly, boisterous sort of day. The eggplants in the garden, the ones that were wilting in this week’s heat, have returned to their full stature, and the oriental poppies have taken over the front yard.

We have been at a Narrative Therapy gathering most of the week. This now yearly event draws practitioners from around the world, as well as leaders in the field, to a beautiful site on Lake Champlain for a stimulating training and conversations. Continue reading

The Danger of Sport As Metaphor

EveningThe dawn revealed a world held in deep fog, the snow cover having melted away in this week’s warmth. Bare ground and limbs remain.

I’ve succumbed to the mid-January doldrums, and have taken to sitting before the fire with a good book. Occasionally I journey up to the studio and muck about. I’m not much good at blocking out the events of the world, nor have I been, historically, accomplished at working with the themes of the time, so I muck. Continue reading