November Afternoon

A warm, wet day, surprisingly winter dark in the mid-afternoon. Our recent rains have dampened the intensity of the drought, although the drought remains significant. The rains have also stripped the leaves from the trees, leaving the landscape in winter form. The political season seems to have been lengthened interminably, as has the time of … Continue reading November Afternoon

This Is How It Is For Me

The day began, as many have of late, in deep fog. Now there is ample sun and warmth, the light literally bouncing off the leaves. The summer solstice occurred Saturday late afternoon in the Northern Hemisphere. We gathered with friends virtually last evening to share ceremony and conversation. Grief was present as we struggled to … Continue reading This Is How It Is For Me

Approaching the Solstice

A foggy, quiet morning during an unusually dry June. We need rain and there is little in the forecast. The birds are noticeably quieter now, save for the house sparrows who talk among themselves ceaselessly. Saturday marks the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. Morning light now fills the deck on the north side … Continue reading Approaching the Solstice