Upcoming: Monreal, India, and Hong Kong!

Waterfall,_Hong_KongNext month Jennie and I will be at the International Playback Conference in Montreal. We’ll be presenting a workshop exploring invisible differences and disabling experience. This is an important conversation in the theatre world at the moment, as is the larger issue of accessibility. We will be inviting participants to think about diversity, and some of the ways “business as usual” can be disabling to “persons of difference”. The workshop will focus on being aware that differences can be visible or invisible, and the importance of making a real effort to know who is in the room.

Montreal is home to many Indigenous people, although it is not always welcoming to First Nations. It is also surprisingly disability unfriendly. We hope our workshop, and the conference, will be places where the concerns of Native people, and persons with disabilities, can be heard and addressed.

This Autumn Jennie and I are traveling to India and Hong Kong. We are planning to be in Bangalore in mid to late September, and look forward to working with our friends and colleagues at “Yours Truly Theatre”. We are still working on our itinerary, but do know that Jennie will also be offering some clinical trainings.

We’ll then travel to the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association conference in Hong Kong, where we will be reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and leading a workshop. The workshop will explore some of the issues and forces that get in the way of participant’s living their preferred lives. In the workshop we’ll be introducing novel uses of Narrative ideas and puppetry, especially toy theatre. Once again, we will make room for conversations about disabling experience in all its many forms, as well as stories that give preference to lives richly lived.

It looks to be an exciting trip!

13 thoughts on “Upcoming: Monreal, India, and Hong Kong!

    1. Thanks Jamie. I think we both wonder whether we are really making much of a dent.That said, we are happy join you, and so many others, in the task of changing, abet slowly perhaps, the trajectory of the world.

    1. Lorrie, we are looking forward to these trips. Maine is one of my favorite places, along with the Mountains of New Mexico. India and Hong Kong are also magical, although getting there and back takes much from me.

      Anyway, I hope and trust your summer will bring you joy, and you will share that with us.

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