Late August

Today dawned muggy, foggy, and warm. Last week we had a couple of thunderstorms and their rain has greened the landscape a bit. In spite of the rain we now find ourselves in extreme drought. After six years of drought we are in the odd position of beginning to transition to a more drought tolerant garden, a seeming oxymoron for coastal New England.

Here and there we see bits of brilliant color. While we expect to see some color at the end of August, we’re unsure how much of that is seasonal change ad how much is due to trees and vines being stressed by the summer-long drought.

One of Jennie’s twins was married over the weekend. There were four days of events, during which we had time with family and loads of fun. My daughter flew over for the wedding and it has been a blessing to have her here.

Today we are moving slowly and feeling exhausted. We’re thinking we may go to the beach and enjoy some quiet time. Given how slowly we are all moving, I’m wondering whether that will happen.

Next up: major work on the kitchen. Hopefully, these changes will put an end to the bitter winter wind blowing through.

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