A Stroll By the Marsh

We’re in the midst of an Autumn-like day, cool enough for long sleeves, with periods of cloud and sun. There is an onshore breeze from the northwest as last night’s out of season nor’easter pulls away into Maine. We received some much needed rain but not nearly enough to break the drought which is now labeled severe by the weather service. I hope our friends in Maine receive more.

On Sunday we went for a walk along the bikeway in nearby Fall River. The sun was very warm during our midday walk and the breeze and periodic shade were most welcome.

The path winds along a series of pools that were once a canal. These pools are now largely filled with reeds, wildflowers, grasses, and assorted other marshland plants. Here and there the vegetation gives way to expanses of open water, and where it does plant growth is verdant.

Although the nearby reservoir showed high water, (causing us to wonder how) the drier marshes showed the stress of the long drought. By mid-August we expect to see a few ferns and grasses showing color as they die back in preparation for the coming cold. What we witnessed was a patchwork of autumnal reds, browns ,and golds, with areas of green nearest pockets of standing water. It was as if time in the marshes had sped ahead to October.

Even with the heat it was lovely to be outdoors in one of my favorite habitats. Although much of the color arose as a result of prolonged severe drought, the marshes struck me as beautiful. Yesterday I worked on the oil pastel sketch of the view which is this post’s featured image. Today I still like it.

I hope wherever you are, and whatever the season may be, the weather is kind.

7 thoughts on “A Stroll By the Marsh

  1. Love that featured image! So vibrant. The colors immediately grabbed me. As for images…your words and images combine to make a portrait of a lovely area that refreshes the spirit. Speaking of refreshing…we had a whole day of rain yesterday in central Maine. A little later, I will go out to check the rain gauge and to take a few pictures.

    1. Laurie, I am so glad you received rain! I was in touch with a friend from southern England this morning. As bad as things are here, they are much worse there. Wishing to best for all of us.

  2. Lovely post and picture. We’ve been under severe drought for many years now where I live in western Colorado. We got a nice rain shower last week. We seem to get one every year but the reservoirs are the lowest they’ve ever been.

    1. Debby, I use to live in New Mexico and consider it home. Finally they received much needed rainfall during the monsoon this year. I believe we are technically in year six of drought here in New England but it has been more episodic and we have had rainy seasons so the situation is more complex. Still, we are rationing water….. I hope you receive rain/snow this winter and preferably before.

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