Windigo Season

Today is overcast and cold, one of those rare days the thermometer will likely not rise above freezing. There is snow on the ground and trees following the weekend storm that brought most human movement here to a temporary halt. So much has happened during the past few weeks, and so little. Winter greatly slows … Continue reading Windigo Season


A dramatic day of snow showers and sun, falling temperatures and gusty breezes. As November ends, we  are reminded that winter nears. We also note that even in this La Nina year temperatures are much above the long-term norms. Still, winter, the time of the windigo, insatiable giants with hearts of ice, approaches. If there … Continue reading Windigo

A Welcome Rain

This autumn's warmth has dominated the past two days. Yesterday we, and our neighbors, took the opportunity to complete yard work, retire gardens for the season, and put up holiday lights. As we did so, we were reminded these tasks are much easier when done in warm weather! Last night, new lights blessed the street. … Continue reading A Welcome Rain

Animals, Heart, and Self: Part Two, Windigo

Psychotherapy, at it's best, offers the warmth of compassion and experiences of Self. Shamanism, and other forms of traditional healing, offer these, along with connection to souls, spirits, and all that is. Both provide refuge from Windigo, and the possibility of life lived with passion, mystery, and companionship. Supporting patience, they open doors to the sacred.