Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times

Being spring the rain comes every other day, encouraging the sugar ants to come into the house where they create long lines. I've been watching a series of discussions among artists from around the world. The conversations focus on being an artist in this time of Coved19, and are sponsored by the Martin E. Segal … Continue reading Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times

The Persistence of Repetition

I awoke at 4:30 this morning. My cell was demanding to be charged and the birds were greeting the world in full song. (This was an instant reply of yesterday morning.) I awoke a second time to bright sunlight and warmth. There have been very few sunny days this spring and the combination of sun … Continue reading The Persistence of Repetition

Invasion Day

A bright, cold January day. Tomorrow another thaw. In a week or so we might get meaningful snow. Today is Australia Day down under. Not unlike July Fourth and Thanksgiving Day here in the US, it is a controversial day at best. Many Aboriginal people refer to the day as Invasion Day. Before the British … Continue reading Invasion Day


Friday was record warm and rainy so many of our streams and rivers are at flood stage. Yesterday was cold with heavy snow and a thick blanket of new snow has covered the briefly bare ground. This morning brought bright blue sky and sun, the landscape ablaze with light and deep shadow. We are at … Continue reading Strangers