A dramatic day of snow showers and sun, falling temperatures and gusty breezes. As November ends, we  are reminded that winter nears. We also note that even in this La Nina year temperatures are much above the long-term norms. Still, winter, the time of the windigo, insatiable giants with hearts of ice, approaches.

If there were any doubt the windigo are about, events this week in Washington should dispel that. It has been a difficult week for holding a vision of an inclusive, caring society here in the US. A few days ago the president used a racial slur while holding an honoring ceremony for Navajo code talkers. The “ceremony” took place in the oval office, under a large, prominently placed portrait of Andrew Jackson, Indian hater, and perhaps the most despised president in the eyes of Native people.

Over in Congress, the tax bill, a measure that, like Jackson’s administration, places greed above the social good, progressed towards passage. The bill effectively destroys supports for children, families, persons with disabilities, women and elders, assures the collapse of the healthcare system, and makes education unaffordable for all but the wealthy.

I am certain Andrew Jackson, were he still with us in the flesh, would be delighted by these events. Surely, Jesus is not. As to the windigo, they are insatiable and unless stopped,will surely not stop eating until they have consumed the world.


7 thoughts on “Windigo

  1. So saddened by the ignorance and disrespect shown to truly great Americans. May this be another straw to finally break the camel’s back and get the GOP to support impeachment.

  2. Error patrol, Michael. Next to last paragraph, last line, I think you meant to say un-affordable. It seems that the president is increasingly loosing his ability to control himself and distinguish reality from delusions and much of congress isn’t much better. Instead of the “emperor” being naked, he is mentally ill, not many people are willing to state the obvious. I can’t get my mind around why the whole sorry mess doesn’t self-implode. I am at the edge of helplessness where evil thoughts invade my otherwise gentle and intelligent brain. Hope is still with me and may she also be with you. (Sorry for the political venting on your internet space. But not enough to not click on ‘send’ – LOL)

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