A Vision: Doing Our Best

TrilliumRecently I have worked with several individuals who expressed the belief they have failed in their lives. This belief generates enormous self-doubt and suffering. As we spoke, I was reminded of a vision that was given to me many years ago. I have mentioned it in a previous post, and wish to revisit the vision in more depth now.

The world is complex. We live at the intersection of innumerable interactions, connections, and relationships. Yet, we are tempted to imagine we can control the outcome of all events we encounter. How often do you hear yourself or a friend being self-critical about the outcome of a series of events apparently triggered by a well-considered action, or even an action we now consider a grotesque mistake? Continue reading

Companionship, Tears, and Vision

Much of the time, when people come to see me for aid, I just sit and listen. Listening tells me much about what challenges or troubles people; more important, with luck my listening reminds people they are Human Beings. Human Beings are ones who care about the Earth, her denizens, and the community. Lately the folks who come my way are speaking to the state of the world. Yes, they are worried about the economy, but their concerns are much broader. They are concerned for the future: for themselves, their children, and for our Mother Earth, Pachamama, and all who live with her. Often they feel isolated and lonely, believing themselves ill for being aware of the dangers and the suffering.

Wild Rice Dreams has given voice to these concerns. She wrote, in part:

Things just don’t seem right. Or is it that nothing makes sense to me anymore. Or have they ever made sense. These are not questions. These are statements. When I think about this world and how beautiful it is I am humbled. When I think about nature, eco-systems, and the natural order of life and the natural laws that govern life, I think how perfect it is. In the natural world there is a natural flow and a natural progression. When I look at the natural world it does not scare me or creates chaos within me. I know that the natural world will not try to destroy me, enslave me, oppress me, nor will it try to colonize me. Continue reading

Vision, Dreaming, and Cultural Difference

Last night I had one of those dreams that began as a dream and evolved into a vision. In the dream, I was speaking with a  class of university students at a school somewhere in India. One of the students asked me a question as to how we address one particularly difficult social issues in the U.S.. Not knowing the motivation behind the question, I responded in a very matter of fact way. To my surprise, immediately following my response, the young person bolted from the room. Continue reading