A dramatic day of snow showers and sun, falling temperatures and gusty breezes. As November ends, we  are reminded that winter nears. We also note that even in this La Nina year temperatures are much above the long-term norms. Still, winter, the time of the windigo, insatiable giants with hearts of ice, approaches. If there … Continue reading Windigo

Companionship, Tears, and Vision

As shamans, healers, and caring neighbors, we are often unable to stop dams, genocide, and even the suffering of every day life, as much as we might wish to. Still, we can acknowledge the humanity of others who suffer, always pointing to their sanity and wholeness. We can offer moments of companionship and joy, and always we can embrace them as they weep.

Vision, Dreaming, and Cultural Difference

Last night I had one of those dreams that began as a dream and evolved into a vision. In the dream, I was speaking with a  class of university students at a school somewhere in India. One of the students asked me a question as to how we address one particularly difficult social issues in … Continue reading Vision, Dreaming, and Cultural Difference