Fire Weather: Australia

A cool, windy day, sometimes sun drenched, other times gloomy. A day typical of dry days the winter thus far, a year when the cold is locked away out west leaving us warm and wet. The El Nino that is in large part driving our weather is also bringing extreme heat, drought, and brush fires … Continue reading Fire Weather: Australia

Diversifying Conservation

Such a crucial conversation! This is a topic I often think about as the fate of humanity and much of the natural world depends on how we navigate the issues of resource fairness and environmental justice. Ecological education is a most complex arena now.

The Prairie Ecologist

As strongly focused as we are on biological diversity, conservationists have done a pretty poor job of focusing on diversity within our own ranks.  Quick – think of a famous conservationist.  Got one?  Chances are good the person you just visualized is a white male, or at least white.  If you want to explore this topic further, take a look at Wikipedia’s List of Prominent Conservationists.

This is an issue I have long been aware of, but a workshop I
recently attended helped crystalize some things for me. As a straight, cisgender, white man in an
affluent country, my perspective on this topic is clearly limited, but I’ve
also been granted some advantages I feel obligated to take advantage of. At the end of this post, I’m sharing a few
strategies I’m personally hoping to employ toward diversifying conservation. I’m hoping others will chime in with
additional ideas and…

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