A Dream for Hard Times

A cool, dark day. Every now and then a scattering of raindrops fall among the spring blossoms. We are living in hard times. So many are dying of Covid19, other illnesses, and hunger, deaths that might have been avoided by timely, compassionate action by our leaders. So many are frightened and desperate, and the young … Continue reading A Dream for Hard Times

A Dream

The sun is summer high, having drifted almost as far north as it will go, and the day will be hot. The sky is streaked with light clouds, promising increasing humidity. After only a couple of days of dry weather the garden looks thirsty. Perhaps a sign of the times: last night I dreamt I … Continue reading A Dream

Binaries and the Shaman’s Dreaming

My mom identified as settler while my dad identified as Native. It seemed that mom had room in her sense of identity for only one part of her heritage. Dad took a more nuanced view of things, making room for his European ancestors while primarily understanding himself as Native. Because of this, there was, in … Continue reading Binaries and the Shaman’s Dreaming