A Dream

The sun is summer high, having drifted almost as far north as it will go, and the day will be hot. The sky is streaked with light clouds, promising increasing humidity. After only a couple of days of dry weather the garden looks thirsty.

Perhaps a sign of the times: last night I dreamt I was one of a large group of people about to be detained by the government. We were shopping in a large department store and government agents were guarding all the exits; the agents were Russian. Continue reading

Dreaming Hope

Winter_SunsetThe world is in a hard way. Sometimes I imagine that anything I may do is likely to have no real impact. In those moments or days I get pretty glum.

A few nights ago I had a dream. In the dream I was watching folks going about their day-to-day routines. Each person emitted a bright green light. Some few lights were brighter than the rest, and several of these brightly shining people had gathered together to do what they could to aid the world. Oddly, most, maybe all, of these folks were unaware of the intensity of their light; they were simply going about their lives, doing their best to aid others and the Earth. Continue reading