A blustery, rain dampened Easter morning, the early clouds now giving way to moments of sun and blue sky. Being early April, the sun has melted away the snow and warmed the ground allowing new growth in the understory at the forest edge. Once again we in the northern hemisphere celebrate the greening of the … Continue reading Called

Questioning Manifest Destiny

Today is a day of cold and flurries, very much a mid-winter sort of day. Our snow drought continues, with each promising storm going elsewhere. I'm still reading Lauret Edith Savoy's Traces, while Jennie reads a book of Jewish history. In the background is the "militant occupation" in Oregon. Oddly, there is a good deal … Continue reading Questioning Manifest Destiny

An Easter Walk

Last night we held out family Sedar, the Passover meal at which we remember the Jewish people's Exodus from slavery, and the many people who are oppressed today.  As we sit together, we think carefully about the strategies of oppression that abide in our world, and the duty of each generation to confront them. Then … Continue reading An Easter Walk