The Rising Waters of Rebirth

The warmth of the weekend has given way to a definite chill. After a couple of days of rain and snow melt the rivers and lake are in flood. What, a few days ago, were fields, are now covered by water and for the second time in a decade we face potentially record lake flooding. … Continue reading The Rising Waters of Rebirth


A blustery, rain dampened Easter morning, the early clouds now giving way to moments of sun and blue sky. Being early April, the sun has melted away the snow and warmed the ground allowing new growth in the understory at the forest edge. Once again we in the northern hemisphere celebrate the greening of the … Continue reading Called

Breathing at Passover

The weekend saw us in Montreal where we attended a dance theatre event and viewed the wondrous Chagall exhibit at the Muse des Beaux-Arts. Not for the first time, we walked the streets in a pouring cold rain. Yesterday we were home and the weather was fine; today is forecast to be warm and sunny, … Continue reading Breathing at Passover