The Rising Waters of Rebirth

The warmth of the weekend has given way to a definite chill. After a couple of days of rain and snow melt the rivers and lake are in flood. What, a few days ago, were fields, are now covered by water and for the second time in a decade we face potentially record lake flooding. … Continue reading The Rising Waters of Rebirth

The Teacher’s Task

The snow is slowly receding, a process that will be accelerated by the rain and seasonal temperatures expected during the next few days. Most days now are marked by well below freezing nights and sunny days with temperatures in the mid-forties, Fahrenheit. When the sun shines warm and bright, the sap is likely to flow … Continue reading The Teacher’s Task

Autumn Equinox

Today dawned quite mild, with just a few puffy clouds dotting the sky. This weekend the forecast is for our first prolonged autumn chill. Hopefully we will receive rain along with the cool weather, for our local land remains thirsty. Today marks the Autumn Equinox, when we acknowledge Grandmother Water, to whom we owe our … Continue reading Autumn Equinox