An Easter Walk

Remnant_SnowLast night we held out family Sedar, the Passover meal at which we remember the Jewish people’s Exodus from slavery, and the many people who are oppressed today.  As we sit together, we think carefully about the strategies of oppression that abide in our world, and the duty of each generation to confront them. Then we enjoy a splendid meal that Jennie has spent days preparing. Even then we remember those who are hungry, in danger, or without shelter.

Today is Easter, and following a lively and uplifting service at our local Unitarian Universalist church, during Bicyclistswhich the snow melted away in the bright sunshine, we joined throngs of people who had come downtown. Later in the afternoon Jennie and I went for a walk in the woods and field near our home. As often happens, we met others along the way: friendly dogs and their owner, mating songbirds, and young people on bikes. Continue reading