The Rising Waters of Rebirth

The warmth of the weekend has given way to a definite chill. After a couple of days of rain and snow melt the rivers and lake are in flood. What, a few days ago, were fields, are now covered by water and for the second time in a decade we face potentially record lake flooding. … Continue reading The Rising Waters of Rebirth

Easter: Spring, Gardening, and Eschatology

The weather has turned briefly warm so we've been in the garden the past two days. Yesterday we managed to prepare the beds before the heavy rains came. This morning we ran a soil test, discovered the garden is nutrient poor, and headed off to the garden store for some Earth friendly fertilizer. When we … Continue reading Easter: Spring, Gardening, and Eschatology

An Easter Walk

Last night we held out family Sedar, the Passover meal at which we remember the Jewish people's Exodus from slavery, and the many people who are oppressed today.  As we sit together, we think carefully about the strategies of oppression that abide in our world, and the duty of each generation to confront them. Then … Continue reading An Easter Walk