The Raven, The Coyote, and The Very Hot Day

Summer EveningThe Coyote and The Raven were talking. They like each other’s company, even though sometimes they compete a little.

The Raven mopped the sweat from his face with a bandana. The bandana was soon wet through and useless.

“Sure is hot,” said The Coyote. “All this fur was fine when the weather was colder. Now it’s a nuisance.”

“Yea,” replied The Raven, “Having black feathers is no pleasure, either. I’m solar heated.”

“This is your fault,” steamed The Coyote. “You were the one who insisted on stealing fire so those crazy, hairless, two-leggeds wouldn’t freeze to death. Had you not interfered, you would still have your rainbow feathers and we would be nice and cool.”

Before The Raven could reply, along came The Goose, looking real hot in a halter top and the shortest of short-shorts.

“Why, Hi, boys!” The words danced seductively from her encouraging lips. “I’m going swimming, you want’a join me?”  She stood there, looking at them and rubbing her legs together like match sticks.

“Nah, don’t think so,” The Coyote finally managed, having found his tongue. “Too hot. Besides, I don’t really like to swim.”

“No thanks. Maybe another time,” seconded The Raven.

“All right, then. I’ guess I’ll be on my way,” The Goose announced as she strutted away. In spite of themselves, The Raven and The Coyote watched her for a long time as she sauntered slowly down the road.

“She’s one fiery woman,” The Coyote managed after a while. He had started to fan himself.

“I’m too hot to even think about it,” replied the Raven. “Kinda makes you sad, doesn’t it?”

Coyote Was thinking about The Goose, also silk sheets, and air conditioning.

“Had I known what the two-leggeds were going to do with fire, I’d not have bothered, mused The Raven. “Then again, I guess If I hadn’t we’d still be eating frozen t.v. dinners. I hate frozen dinners.”

“I guess I should have seen it coming.” The Raven continued. “Those two-leggeds cause nothing but trouble and heartbreak.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Chimed in The Crow who was, as it turned out, eavesdropping from a branch right above them. “You didn’t seem to mind their antics when they honored you as The Creator. Besides, I love their gardens, especially the corn and peas. Why, since they came along life sure has been a lot easier.”

“It’s too hot and dry for anything to grow.” grumbled The Raven.

Long silences seemed the order of the day. It was just too darn warm to move, let alone talk. After a while enough time had passed so that The Goose returned from her swim.

“How was the water?” managed Coyote.

“Hot and stagnant,” whined The Goose. “Just look at my feathers! They’re covered in slime!”

The Coyote and The Raven looked at her feathers.

“Come on,” encouraged The Coyote, taking the Goose by the hand. “Let’s find someplace with a shower and air conditioning.”

The Raven watched them head off towards the outskirts of town. Time passed and Night came on. A breeze moved the leaves above The Raven’s head.  Still,  the heat failed to diminish.

Finally, The Raven went home. Mrs. Raven welcomed, him but kept her distance, saying,  “It’s too hot!” He sure wished they had air conditioning. But then, air conditioning was just another use of fire. Heck, sometimes it seemed He just couldn’t win.

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