The Crow

Beach RosesA few weeks ago we posted Facebook video about a raven asking people for aid. The raven had encountered a porcupine and had quills embedded in its face. Sunday we returned from our time in Maine to discover a severely injured a crow (close cousin to the Raven) in our back yard. Neighbors informed us the crow had slowly, with great intent, worked its way from the woods to our yard. Continue reading

Crow and Raven Await the End of the World

Moon and CrowsOld Man Crow sat on the ledge overlooking the city. High overhead the moon sang her melodies in the winter sky. Below, the two-leggeds rumbled and huffed.

Old Woman Raven took all this in from Her perch in an old crag well up the mountainside.

Old Woman Raven spread her wings and glided down, swooping to a landing by Old Man Crow’s side.

“Evening Crow.”

“Evening Raven.” Crow drew a morsel from his knapsack and offered it to Raven. He then chose one for himself. Together they sat and munched for a long time, listening to the goings on below, and to the bluesy tunes of the moon. Continue reading

Advent: Waiting for Jesus and the Holy Ones

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.

Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, four weeks from today. The afternoon is dark and breezy, and here by the lake, feels much chillier than the 56 degrees that is the official temperature at the airport. Off to the west, there is the promise of light.

Advent is about waiting.

There is a Couer d’Alenes  story, told by Catherine Feher-Elston in Ravensong (pages 65-75),  about Circling Raven, a much-loved and respected shaman and chief, who, in 1740, was told by a small delegation of crows and ravens that a savior had been born many years previously. Circling Raven was then informed that men in black robes would bring details in about 100 years. The tribe was to remember the savior at the Solstice Celebration, and look for the Black Robes everywhere. Time passed, and the people did as they had been instructed. Protestant missionaries preached to nearby tribes but the Couer d’Alenes held firm in their waiting. Finally, in about 1835, they wrote an urgent letter to the Jesuits, who immediately sent priests to the people.  For some ninety-five years the Couer d’Alenes kept faith with the prophecy, waiting for word of the Holy One. Their early conversion to Christianity, and the presence of the priests, may have largely shielded them from the atrocities and hardships faced by other Western tribes. Continue reading

Mouse, Crow, and the Dreamtime

It began in mid-winter. The cat heard something scuttering about inside the kitchen cabinets. Sometimes we heard it, too. The cat would sit for hours, time he would usually spend sitting before his food dish, staring at the cabinets nearest the sink. We clearly had mice. They come into the house in the Autumn, seeking shelter from our often harsh winters. Continue reading