The Extractive Ideology of Settler-Colonialism

A chilly, damp morning. Crocuses are up in a few yards and a snowstorm may arrive Monday night. I'm in and out of the art studio and my sound and photo space, and continue to spend too much time sitting before a computer. This is at least partially due to my enrolling in the second … Continue reading The Extractive Ideology of Settler-Colonialism

Where Is Winter?

A pleasant afternoon, cool with a smattering of fluffy white and gray clouds scudding across the cerulean blue sky. There is just the hint of a breeze, just enough to move small limbs a tad. We are a third of the way through January and it still seems like November as this winter without a … Continue reading Where Is Winter?

Awaiting The Turning Year

Today is warmer, in the forties, and cloudy. We had flurries of snow Christmas eve and Day which buoyed our spirits. Both days were cold by local standards. This followed a two day storm of rain and intense wind. There are limbs down everywhere still; after all the storms we have had this year one … Continue reading Awaiting The Turning Year