The Presence of the Ancestors

Today is a chilly, dark, wet early November day, election day in the U.S.. The rains came mid-morning, soaking the leaves that had fallen in the showers and high winds of recent days. While many trees stand bare, there are still pockets of intense color spread here and there across the landscape. Jennie put the … Continue reading The Presence of the Ancestors

Initial Conditions, Part Two

Two days of heat; yesterday set another record high for the date. Today is a tad cooler although tomorrow may again challenge records before a taste of early autumn arrives for the weekend. In the woods, there is a slow, steady increase in reds and yellows among the deep greens. The rivers and lake are … Continue reading Initial Conditions, Part Two

Honoring the Suffering of the Ancestors

More record warm days have slowed leaf turn down; what began as a very early color season is now quite late. Today is cloudy, very warm, and somewhat wet. We will take whatever rain we are sent, and be glad for it. We are in autumn and the spirits draw close. This is a good … Continue reading Honoring the Suffering of the Ancestors

Our Lives Are On Loan

A lovely morning, the sky streaked with cerulean blue and white, promising warmth. Later, thunder and colder. We live in a difficult moment, one filled with extinctions. In response, we raise our voices and demand change. There is hope yet, although hope must coexist with the very real threat that no one is listening. There … Continue reading Our Lives Are On Loan