A Dream for Hard Times

A cool, dark day. Every now and then a scattering of raindrops fall among the spring blossoms. We are living in hard times. So many are dying of Covid19, other illnesses, and hunger, deaths that might have been avoided by timely, compassionate action by our leaders. So many are frightened and desperate, and the young … Continue reading A Dream for Hard Times


A dark day although the rain has held off. Now the late afternoon sun illumines the western overcast, offering the possibility of a sunset. The wind, which has been a consistent companion these past few days, has risen, promising storms tomorrow. I'm drinking my late afternoon cup of decaf tea, a ritual I've adopted during … Continue reading Dreamings

Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times

Being spring the rain comes every other day, encouraging the sugar ants to come into the house where they create long lines. I've been watching a series of discussions among artists from around the world. The conversations focus on being an artist in this time of Coved19, and are sponsored by the Martin E. Segal … Continue reading Art and Spirituality in Difficult Times