Kindness as Resistance

A showery sort of day, much like yesterday, cool for June. The forecast for next week is for much above average temperatures and there is a good chance that by next weekend we will add to our rapidly growing list of record high temperatures. For now, the world is cast in a multitude of greens, … Continue reading Kindness as Resistance

Notable Blogs: 9/21/09:

I've been busy getting ready to travel to India. Hopefully, I'll get a blog post in by the weekend. In the meanwhile, the Blogosphere has been a positive place this week. Here are several excelent posts. I invite you to visit the blogs that interest you, and, while you are there, leave a note for the author. Thoughtful responses are always appreciated by the writers who take the time to share their journeys with us.

Electricity, Desire, and the Elders

Vermont depends considerably on Hydro Quebec for our electric energy needs. Several years ago, the state decided to limit the amount of electricity brought from Hydro, due to the dramatic costs of their projects in human and environmental terms. Those costs were, and continue to be considerable: Native peoples displaced from traditional villages and subsistence … Continue reading Electricity, Desire, and the Elders