Notable Blogs: 9/21/09:

I've been busy getting ready to travel to India. Hopefully, I'll get a blog post in by the weekend. In the meanwhile, the Blogosphere has been a positive place this week. Here are several excelent posts. I invite you to visit the blogs that interest you, and, while you are there, leave a note for the author. Thoughtful responses are always appreciated by the writers who take the time to share their journeys with us.

Notable Blogs: 8/31/10

Although we are in something of a heatwave, the seasons are changing. There is color amongst the green leaves, there are asters in the fields, and nights are noticeably cooler. Indeed we have been needing blankets! Celtic Shaman noted her tipsy response to the immanent change: To stand on the brink of a new season, … Continue reading Notable Blogs: 8/31/10

Healers, Money, and Community

When I was young, there was, in the communities I knew, an acknowledgment that most healers were poor. That was simply the price one paid for working for the Creator. When my family moved from a small farming community to the city, the rules changed. At first, the assumption was that healers would be poor. … Continue reading Healers, Money, and Community

Noteable Blogs: A Forest Door, and New Days-New Ways

A Forest Door posted a very thoughtful piece yesterday.  In this excerpt he discusses some of the conundrums facing those who practice shamanic techniques in post-industrial societies:  "I am very much a spirit-worker, and it’s similar, but not the same. I wouldn’t even call myself a shamanist. I say this because: (a) I don’t work … Continue reading Noteable Blogs: A Forest Door, and New Days-New Ways