Notable Blogs: 9/21/09:

I’ve been busy getting ready to travel to India. Hopefully, I’ll get a blog post in by the weekend. In the meanwhile, the Blogosphere has been a positive place this week. Here are several excellent posts. I invite you to visit the blogs that interest you, and, while you are there, leave a note for the author. Thoughtful responses are always appreciated by the writers who take the time to share their journeys with us.

Walking the Drum found himself in the garden, surrounded by butterflies, captured by a moment of grace.  Settling into the now, he knew the truth of his shamanic journey:

This is the reason we do this work.  This is the reason we gear ourselves up for the rigors of this path.  We walk the fine line between light and dark, seeing each to either side of us, but never what’s in front – one foot first and then the other, on a tightrope woven of faith. . .

Tina Azaria wrote about her experiences at a gathering of elders, shamans, and healers from around the world. What a magical weekend that must have been!

I spent Labor Day weekend in San Rafael, CA with shamans,  healers, scientists, and scholars from around the globe. Words fail to adequately describe the nature of such an experience, but I will do my best to share some personal gems from my weekend at the conference.

Ancient Whiteagle Wisdom spoke about conducting a ceremony for a woman who has worked hard to regain balance. At the end of the ceremony, an Elder whom he greatly respects, spoke to him of the appreciation she has for him in her heart:

It felt so good to feel reflected honestly and accurately.  In addition to being our beloved Elder, she’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a professional woman with a powerful reputation, so I took her words with great respect and gratitude. I told her, “I value your opinion above most people, even my own, which I value highly.” We laughed and she hugged me again as she went off to great other relatives.

Idigress spoke about recent movements in Australia to acknowledge the place of Aboriginal people as Australia’s first people. (This has yet to happen in the U.S.)  He is pleased that official governmental recognition and apology have finally come to First Nations in Australia, and acknowledges the challenges of the path ahead:

Yet the danger is that mere words will not be accompanied by courageous and costly and healing actions.  Yes, we should change the NSW and Australian Constitutions.  But that will only be the beginning of a new journey.

Lastly, AHA Media has been writing about the Canadian Street Soccer team at the Homeless world Cup in Rio. Their coverage is not to be missed, especially the photos!

Since getting back home (to the Hostel – MW), we’ve just spent some casual time at the hostel. The guys are really coming together as a group and we haven’t even stepped on the court yet.

Tomorrow will include the parade, opening ceremonies, and the first day of games. Unfortunately we don’t play, but that will give us a chance to scout the opposition and get a feel for things.

We’re itching to get into it.

Thanks for your interest and support.

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