Reciprocity and the Spirits

A chilly, dark day; a bit 'o snow tonight and heavy rain tomorrow. This morning, after breakfast with friends, we went for a walk on a local bike trail from which a side trail winds down to the bay. The trail journeys through woods, largely parallel to the water, then heads north into the town's … Continue reading Reciprocity and the Spirits

November of the Spirits

I awoke to tiny pink clouds scudding eastward; soon they obliterated the sun and the sky became a very November overcast gray. There is most certainly a storm coming. We are settling into the new house. Fewer boxes block our way and some rooms have attained a state approaching order. We are almost at the … Continue reading November of the Spirits

Soothing Hungry Spirits

We have moved into the season of the spirits, including the Ancestors. True to form the past few days have been dark and chill. We've had enough rain to raise the rivers but perhaps not enough to replenish our greatly stressed aquifer. The news of the past many weeks has been grim and that has … Continue reading Soothing Hungry Spirits

Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine

Yet another hot and humid day. As the it progressed the promise of rain became a mere threat, then receded even further. The garden is thirsty; everyone and everything sweats. Jennie has to fill the bird bath frequently and it is heavily and happily used by large flocks. Hot and humid conditions are difficult for … Continue reading Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine