Ancestors, Ceremony, and Trauma

Today dawned gray and wet. We took advantage of the clock change, and slept in. Now, to the west the low overcast is raising. The oaks have turned abruptly; the maples have largely dropped their leaves and the breeze moves their bare branches. It is the sort of day that Thomas Hardy celebrated when he … Continue reading Ancestors, Ceremony, and Trauma

The Human Face of Suffering

I have come to believe that, in our lives, the small things are as important as the large ones, that the Monarch butterfly dying on the frosty late season milkweed, the heartbreak and suffering that follows the loss of relationship, and the birth of a child, when held dear, all yield meaning, creating the very … Continue reading The Human Face of Suffering

Ancestors In Conflict

The other day I found myself in renewed conversation with a few Native friends, discussing the presence of the Ancestors in our everyday lives. There was shared agreement that the Ancestors are often close at hand, offering perspective and advice, although the frequency and immediacy of contact was wildly variable amongst those present. All of … Continue reading Ancestors In Conflict