Solace for A Suffering World

South Shore, MAI spend many of my days sitting with people who are courageously finding their way in our challenging times. Often, they are very aware of the state of the world. They may feel isolated in their deep caring. Often they wonder whether the pain they feel is their own, or is that of the world.

There can be no doubt that Pachamama, Mother Earth, is suffering.

So are innumerable beings. How could we not, if our hearts and spirits are open, feel their pain, fear, confusion, and anger? How could we not hear their calls for aid? Continue reading

Seeking A Place of Balance In Shamanic Practice

Seeking Balance

Thursday, I received the latest addition of the The Journal of Shamanic Practice, published by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Within, there is a fine article by Tim Cowan. Tim writes about our collective tendency to wish to intervene in, and heal, everything that goes amiss in the world. He suggests, following, and quoting, the late Barbara Myerhoff, the heart of shamanic practice is finding balance between the good and the bad, suffering and compassion, action and acceptance. (Sandra Ingerman has written similar thoughts regarding recent heartbreaking events in Japan.) Continue reading