Words Are Medicine

We are in a windy, sun saturated weather pattern, with chilly nights and warm days. The gardens need rain. I have been participating in a couple of groups that are organized around discussing politics. I enjoy the time with folks who are perhaps slowly becoming friends.; I am also struggling as I find the conversations … Continue reading Words Are Medicine

Join the Conversation

Have letters, brief videos, or artwork to share in these troubled times? Join the conversation at Journeys! We've fallen on hard times and people in the U.S., and the world, are deeply divided from one another. This blog is a place for conversation between artists, persons with disability, and others who want to further dialog … Continue reading Join the Conversation

Binary Divisions

A snowy day, not much accumulation, just a few inches of fluff. Still, the morning reveals a perfect mid-winter snowscape. These mornings seem increasingly endangered, and I was grateful for the snowy day. A couple of nights ago  I listened to a marvelous essay on BBC Radio Three. The piece by Gwyn Maxwell explored the … Continue reading Binary Divisions