Skywatch Friday: Sunset

Last week I went down to an observation deck overlooking the lake. There, as the sun set behind a cloud bank, a most spectacular sunset was visible for at least 40 minutes. I took many photos, as did several other photographers. I was shooting without a filter so the colors are slightly redder than they were during the event. In spite of this, the photos truly reflect the brilliance and majesty of the sunset. I kept thinking I had somehow entered the world of Bosch, volcanoes, and the Apocalypse. Beautiful and Disturbing.

These photos are taken perhaps fifteen minutes apart.

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35 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday: Sunset

    1. I have perhaps 50 shots. I am at a loss as to which are the best. Was an amazing 40 minutes -there was more but the misquotes got the best of me.

      I loved your irises!

    1. Thanks!
      I revisited our blog. Was so reminded of my time running a small ranch in the mountains of New Mexico. Nothing quite like that experience of wilderness and grandeur.

  1. Michael, these are stunning shots and especially enlarged. The first one I find rather disturbing in its angst, the second one is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, stopping by my blog and have a great weekend.
    P.S. The mosquitoes and black flies have gut short many a good photo session lately!!!!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I often stop by your blog – is one of my favorites! Yes, the sunset had a very disturbing undertone. At the same time. it was simply awe inspiring. A foot in both worlds.

    1. Hi Regina,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. I stopped in at your blog. The banner photo is splendid! The skies photos are lovely, so much sky!

    1. The sunset lasted a long time – at least 40 minutes. The entire time, I was mesmerized!

      Miranda, I love the photos on your blog! Being a foodie, I wonder where the recipes are. Also am very fond of the work of Ann Lamott.

  2. Heisann!
    Now I send you all what I call a “short and late greeting”, because my time is limited for the moment.

    Never seen such sunset you present here, gourges ;:OD)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed reading our travelogue and seeing your fine photos. I am beginning to think the only time megapixels really count is when one wants to enlarge a photo greatly.

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