The Persistence of Repetition

I awoke at 4:30 this morning. My cell was demanding to be charged and the birds were greeting the world in full song. (This was an instant reply of yesterday morning.) I awoke a second time to bright sunlight and warmth. There have been very few sunny days this spring and the combination of sun … Continue reading The Persistence of Repetition

Before the Storm: A Late Autumn Walk

Earlier this week I was reminded yet again that very often seemingly far away events impact our local community profoundly. Acts of terror, as it turns out, are seldom abstract and removed, nor do they lose their power to induce wide-spread grief, fear, and sorrow. This afternoon I put the news away and went for … Continue reading Before the Storm: A Late Autumn Walk

Writing: Challenging Colonizing Narratives

The other day a friend told me that she had decided to stop writing about her experience of extensive childhood trauma. She had spent months holed up in her tiny study, writing a couple, to several hours, each day. She was tired of retelling the same stories and could see no way forward into new … Continue reading Writing: Challenging Colonizing Narratives

A Place for Stories

It is warmer today, the sun bright, a good day for sunglasses. A cutting breeze continues to blow. Yesterday the wind knifed right through all my layers, neutralizing the sharp rise in ambient temperature. When I went out to refill the back feeder this morning I was comfortable; I was also slowed by the deep … Continue reading A Place for Stories