A Complex Road Trip

We've been traveling. Over the course of past ten days we drove out to Illinois to visit family, then up to Toronto to explore the city, its museums, and the natural world that surrounds it. Yesterday we drove the nine hours home. The drive home proved stormy, yet we somehow stayed ahead of the rain … Continue reading A Complex Road Trip

Erasing the Other While Theorizing Narrative Therapy

It's been a wet, chilly, boisterous sort of day. The eggplants in the garden, the ones that were wilting in this week's heat, have returned to their full stature, and the oriental poppies have taken over the front yard. We have been at a Narrative Therapy gathering most of the week. This now yearly event … Continue reading Erasing the Other While Theorizing Narrative Therapy

Cracking Open the Mind and Heart

March has arrived, rainy and warm, rather more like April. More March-like is the stiff and gusty breeze, whipping the conifers and threatening to send hats and recycling careening down the street. Like the March wind, events can clear the cobwebs from our minds and thaw the icy bits from our hearts, allowing our minds … Continue reading Cracking Open the Mind and Heart

From Lived Experience Springs Hope

After another wet day, the sun is again shining, the sky clear and blue. Over the past few days I've found myself in several conversations about the interweaving of the experience of being other, creativity, and social issues. These discussions have proven inspiring and hopeful. This morning I was going through the blogs I follow, … Continue reading From Lived Experience Springs Hope