Returning Home

RailwayThe sun returned yesterday, following several days of heavy rain. Small towns nearby received their second 100 year flood in the past three years. There were feet of snow in some of the mountains, and the temperature struggled mightily to get out of the mid-forties even here in the valley. Looking ahead, we anticipate very warm temperatures by week’s end, with additional heavy rain likely.

Earth maintains her cycles, adapting weather and climate to the patterned flux of energy in her life system. Even the greatest disruptions to planetary homeostasis appear to come in somewhat rhythmic cycles.  Climate norms, species, and cultures all come and go, all change. They arise and fall in great pulses. Continue reading

The Death of White Buffallo Calf: Attacking the Heart of the People

Our world here, in northern Vermont, has burst into leafy green, and splendid , vibrant color. This morning the wind literally howled through the treetops as the rains came in. Spring is here in all her fullness!

I have written often about the symbolic nature of Self, and the myriad ways micro-aggressions serve to diminish Self, both in individuals and peoples. Quite often, micro-aggressions aggregate. The resulting injuries to Self, when inflicted on individual and families, may be mitigated by psychotherapy and/or ceremony. When attacks are against an entire group, the wounds are even more difficult to heal.

Last weekend brought heartbreak to Indian Country. The White Buffalo Calf and his mom, exceedingly sacred beings in the lives of Native people, were killed and skinned while their caretakers were away briefly. Continue reading

Trauma and Healing: Matters of the Heart

Our hearts seem fragile. When trauma finds us, we are tempted to turn inward, to defend ourselves against the hurt, to harden our hearts. Healing is often about learning to soften again, to face our own suffering, and that of others, with compassion, love, and steadfastness. This is not an easy task. Continue reading