Rainy September Afternoon

A rainy, cool day; the furnace came on briefly during the night. Autumn has descended on Vermont although here by the lake green remains the dominant color. Still, in bright evening light the trees now take on a markedly yellow tint. Although rainfall has been near average for the year, the summer was dry and … Continue reading Rainy September Afternoon

Initial Conditions

We awoke this morning to the chatter of birds and the fiddling of crickets, a good way to wake! The sky is overcast; a west breeze moves through the house, ruffling papers. It picks up a few loose sheets and deposits them on the floor. This was a week of more record heat and the … Continue reading Initial Conditions

Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine

Yet another hot and humid day. As the it progressed the promise of rain became a mere threat, then receded even further. The garden is thirsty; everyone and everything sweats. Jennie has to fill the bird bath frequently and it is heavily and happily used by large flocks. Hot and humid conditions are difficult for … Continue reading Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine

Young People and the Weight of the World

This summer we have experienced day after day of hot, muggy weather; far from adequate rain has fallen and the earth and plants are often parched. We are in the midst of yet another dry summer, a clear indication that climate change has taken a strong hold on our local climate. The climate news from … Continue reading Young People and the Weight of the World