Erasing the Other While Theorizing Narrative Therapy

It's been a wet, chilly, boisterous sort of day. The eggplants in the garden, the ones that were wilting in this week's heat, have returned to their full stature, and the oriental poppies have taken over the front yard. We have been at a Narrative Therapy gathering most of the week. This now yearly event … Continue reading Erasing the Other While Theorizing Narrative Therapy

The Teacher’s Task

The snow is slowly receding, a process that will be accelerated by the rain and seasonal temperatures expected during the next few days. Most days now are marked by well below freezing nights and sunny days with temperatures in the mid-forties, Fahrenheit. When the sun shines warm and bright, the sap is likely to flow … Continue reading The Teacher’s Task

Join the Conversation

Have letters, brief videos, or artwork to share in these troubled times? Join the conversation at Journeys! We've fallen on hard times and people in the U.S., and the world, are deeply divided from one another. This blog is a place for conversation between artists, persons with disability, and others who want to further dialog … Continue reading Join the Conversation

A Complex Day in Monteal

Yesterday, we went to Montreal, a marvelous, if notoriously inaccessible, city for the day. We had planned to be in a workshop focused on using puppetry for working with businesses. Montreal is about two hours from here, so we were up early, aiming to leave by 6 o'clock. We finally made it out of the … Continue reading A Complex Day in Monteal