A lovely winter's day, clouds slowly lowering and promising snow. Over the lake fog has formed, largely blocking the mountains on the far side. I grew up in rural Illinois. During winter we had plenty of ice, snow, and cold but seldom was the cold intolerable. Indeed, we were outside in most weathers, the exception … Continue reading Cold

Initial Conditions

We awoke this morning to the chatter of birds and the fiddling of crickets, a good way to wake! The sky is overcast; a west breeze moves through the house, ruffling papers. It picks up a few loose sheets and deposits them on the floor. This was a week of more record heat and the … Continue reading Initial Conditions

Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine

Yet another hot and humid day. As the it progressed the promise of rain became a mere threat, then receded even further. The garden is thirsty; everyone and everything sweats. Jennie has to fill the bird bath frequently and it is heavily and happily used by large flocks. Hot and humid conditions are difficult for … Continue reading Shamans: Joyfully Singing in the Coal Mine