Trauma, Spirits, and the “I”

A clear, crisp, bright late January day, deep snow pack melting away at the edges. Oh, wait! It's March! I've just finished reading Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi. The "biographical" novel narrates the life of a Nigerian girl born with one foot in the physical world and one in the spirit world. As often happens to … Continue reading Trauma, Spirits, and the “I”

New Years Eve Reflections

A lovely midwinter day, blue sky broken by high clouds. Cold, with the temperature hovering around -1 F and the wind chill far below zero. The deep snow cover enhances radiational cooling while protecting plants and underground infrastructure. Still, new pot holes appear in road surfaces daily. It is New Years Eve. Now ten days … Continue reading New Years Eve Reflections

Landscapes of Identity: Ancestors

A ragged sky greeted us this time change altered morning.  While days and, especially, nights remain well above climate norms, the extreme warmth of the past two months appears to be behind us.  After last weekends extreme storms, across the landscape autumn moves quietly towards winter, the trees stripped of leaves and each day's temperatures … Continue reading Landscapes of Identity: Ancestors

Honoring the Suffering of the Ancestors

More record warm days have slowed leaf turn down; what began as a very early color season is now quite late. Today is cloudy, very warm, and somewhat wet. We will take whatever rain we are sent, and be glad for it. We are in autumn and the spirits draw close. This is a good … Continue reading Honoring the Suffering of the Ancestors