Trauma, Spirits, and the “I”

A clear, crisp, bright late January day, deep snow pack melting away at the edges. Oh, wait! It's March! I've just finished reading Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi. The "biographical" novel narrates the life of a Nigerian girl born with one foot in the physical world and one in the spirit world. As often happens to … Continue reading Trauma, Spirits, and the “I”

Landscapes of Identity: Accessibility

A soggy, warm, late fall day. Wind later? I've been thinking about accessibility as a contested aspect of landscape. Barriers that inhibit or limit access are inherent aspects of the landscape, and I know that if I go walking there will be areas I can't navigate due to the mobility challenges I face. Although the … Continue reading Landscapes of Identity: Accessibility

Quietly Sacred: Culture, Belonging, and the Longest Day of the Year

It's Wednesday, and rain has rolled in to greet the morning. The Solstice is passed, although not without acknowledgement. Saturday we were invited to bless and dedicate a new home and farm, and had a truly lovely few hours with the owners. Sunday evening we gathered with friends to mark the turning year, then on … Continue reading Quietly Sacred: Culture, Belonging, and the Longest Day of the Year

Conversing Identities

The rains have finally returned, refreshing the Earth and spurring the trees into leaf change. Now, as seems to be the pattern following dry late summers, we carefully watch a hurricane as it moves close to the coast. I awoke a little after 6 this morning; the world was still dark, and rain drummed lightly … Continue reading Conversing Identities