Australia, 1954

A drizzly, chill morning. Sun will likely return by Sunday, with temperatures rising into the 60's F! There is a hint of spring in the air, and smiles on many faces. I'm reading Australian writer, Joan London's, marvelous novel, The Golden Age. The book, which takes place in a children's polio rehab facility in about … Continue reading Australia, 1954

The Past in the Present

Today dawned cloudy and cold. The ground is bare save for the occasional skiff of snow.  Our two-year long snow drought continues, the cold interrupted by warmth and rain. As we collectively limp towards the inauguration, I find myself strictly limiting my Facebook time. I've noticed that I seldom write anything remotely personal, only reposting … Continue reading The Past in the Present

Echos: Polio, Diversity, and the Cold War, Part Two

This is the second of a two-part post. Follow this link to read Part One. Polio was a stealth virus, contagious only until the person carrying it developed symptoms; in spite of this, the households of those who contracted the illness were often quarantined. Overnight, victims and their families might find themselves social pariahs, remaining … Continue reading Echos: Polio, Diversity, and the Cold War, Part Two

Echos: Polio, Diversity, and the Cold War 

This is the first of a two part series about Polio, Cultural Diversity, and the Cold war. I've been reading Polio stories, both narratives and fiction, each true in its own way. In my experience, the subject fits the weather, hot one day, then wet and cold the next. I contracted the virus over the … Continue reading Echos: Polio, Diversity, and the Cold War