What kind Of Future Do We Want?

A lovely June morning, filled with dazzling light. The irises and peoples are abloom! As I have watched events unfurl around the country I have been think about how the failures of several administrations have created the current emergencies. I think sometimes that the last truly caring president was Jimmy Carter. That seems like a … Continue reading What kind Of Future Do We Want?

Moving into Advent

Thanksgiving has passed. The early morning sunlight has disappeared behind glowering skies; the forecast snowstorm will be rain. The studio where I write is chilly, having been largely unused for the past few days. BY the time it truly warms up I will be on to other things. This Thanksgiving the ghost of settlers past … Continue reading Moving into Advent

A Gulf

Today is cool and dry, a sharp contrast to the weekend's heat, humidity, storms, and flooding. This morning I joined a group of truly lovely people for breakfast. The group is loosely organized around liberal politics and is deeply grounded in the members' caring about other people and the environment. The conversation focused on the … Continue reading A Gulf